Crafting Disney Princess Bracelets: Snow White Edition

Get ready to unleash your creativity with the latest installment of our bracelet-making series: “Crafting Disney Princess Bracelets: Snow White Edition.” In this exciting video, brought to you by TheNosyCat, you’ll learn how to create stunning bracelets inspired by the beloved Disney princess, Snow White. With the help of step-by-step instructions, vibrant seed beads, and some mesmerizing ASMR music, you’ll be able to make your very own piece of enchantment in no time. So grab your crafting supplies and let’s dive into the magical world of Disney princess accessories!

In this fifth installment of our bracelet-making journey, you’ll discover the beauty and elegance of Snow White’s iconic style. TheNosyCat will guide you through each intricate detail, showcasing techniques that will bring your bracelet to life. From the choice of seed beads to the pattern and design, this video is a treasure trove of inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or new to the art, this enchanting DIY project is sure to spark your imagination and bring a touch of Disney magic to your accessories collection. Get ready to create a dazzling bracelet fit for a princess!

Materials Needed

To create a Snow White-inspired bracelet, you will need the following materials:


Gather a variety of beads in different colors and sizes. Choose beads that align with the colors and theme of Snow White, such as red, yellow, blue, and black beads.


Select a strong and durable thread that can withstand the weight of the beads. Nylon or polyester threads are commonly used for bracelet making, but you can also experiment with other materials like fishing line or elastic cord.


Choose a clasp that matches the style you want for your bracelet. Lobster clasps, toggle clasps, and magnetic clasps are popular options. Ensure that the clasp fits securely and is easy to fasten and unfasten.


Have a pair of sharp scissors on hand to cut the thread and trim any excess.


Use a needle with a small eye that can easily fit through the holes of the beads. A beading needle or a thin sewing needle works well for this purpose.

Planning the Design

Before you start creating your Snow White bracelet, take some time to plan the design. Consider the following aspects:

Choosing colors

Look at images of Snow White and her iconic dress to determine which colors to incorporate into your bracelet. Red for her lips, yellow for her skirt, blue for her bodice, and black for her hair are some options to consider. You can also add additional colors to complement the main ones.

Deciding on a pattern

Think about the pattern you want to create with your beads. You can opt for a simple repetitive pattern or create more intricate designs. Snow White’s classic colors can be in the foreground, or you can intersperse them with other beads for a unique look.

Selecting bead sizes

Choose bead sizes that work well with your desired pattern and design. Mixing different sizes can add visual interest to your bracelet. Consider using larger beads as focal points and smaller beads as accents.

Creating the Base

With the design in mind, it’s time to create the base of your bracelet. Follow these steps:

Cutting the thread

Measure and cut a piece of thread that is long enough to fit around your wrist with extra length for weaving and tying off. Make sure to leave enough thread to accommodate the desired number of beads.

Adding the clasp

Secure one end of the thread to one side of the clasp using a double knot. This will be the starting point of your bracelet. Ensure that the knot is tight and secure so that the clasp doesn’t come undone.

Making a starting knot

Thread the other end of the thread through the needle. Create a small loop at the end and thread the needle through the loop, creating a knot. This knot will prevent the beads from slipping off the thread as you weave them.

Weaving the Beads

Now that you have the base ready, it’s time to start weaving the beads. Follow these steps:

Stringing the first row

Decide on the order of your beads and begin stringing them onto the thread. Start by sliding the needle through the first bead and continue adding beads until you reach the desired length for the first row. Make sure the beads are snugly threaded and lie flat against each other.

Weaving subsequent rows

Once the first row is complete, continue weaving additional rows by following your chosen pattern. Slide the needle through the beads in the previous row, adding new beads as needed. Alternate between different colors and bead sizes to create visual interest.

Creating Snow White-inspired patterns

To give your bracelet a Snow White-inspired touch, consider incorporating patterns that reflect elements of her character. For example, you can create a checkerboard pattern using red and yellow beads, or arrange blue beads in a heart shape as a nod to Snow White’s kind-hearted nature. Get creative and experiment with different patterns!

Finishing Touches

After weaving all the beads, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your Snow White bracelet. Follow these steps:

Tying off the thread

Once you have reached the desired length for your bracelet, tie off the thread securely with a double knot. Trim any excess thread with scissors, ensuring that the knot is tight and won’t come undone.

Adding a jump ring

Attach a jump ring to one end of the clasp using pliers. This will allow you to easily fasten and unfasten the bracelet.

Attaching a charm

For an extra touch of personalization, consider adding a charm that represents Snow White or compliments the theme of your bracelet. It could be a miniature apple, a little bird, or a heart-shaped charm.

Adding Personalization

To make your Snow White bracelet even more unique, consider adding personal touches. Here are some ideas:

Incorporating initials or names

Use alphabet beads or small charms to spell out your initials, name, or a meaningful word. Arrange them within the bracelet design for a personalized touch.

Using birthstones

If you have birthstone beads or small gemstones that represent special dates or loved ones, incorporate them into your bracelet. They can add a personal and symbolic element to your design.

Customizing with favorite colors

Feel free to deviate from the traditional Snow White colors and incorporate your favorite colors into the bracelet. It’s all about creating a piece that reflects your style and preferences.

Tips and Tricks

To ensure a successful bracelet-making experience, keep these tips and tricks in mind:

Working in a well-lit area

Good lighting is essential for accurately threading beads and for the overall enjoyment of the craft. Choose an area with ample natural or artificial light to prevent eye strain and facilitate your work.

Using a bead mat or tray

Using a bead mat or tray will prevent beads from rolling away and keep your work area organized. These tools provide a stable surface and make it easier to pick up and thread individual beads.

Keeping the tension consistent

Maintain consistent tension as you weave the beads onto the thread. Avoid pulling too tightly, as this can distort the shape of the bracelet. Likewise, be mindful not to leave the thread too loose, as it may lead to sagging or gaps between beads.


Encounter some common issues while making your bracelet? Here’s how to troubleshoot them:

Fixing loose beads

If you notice any loose beads that have slipped out of place, gently push them back into position. Use your needle or a small pair of tweezers to adjust them as needed.

Untangling knots

If you accidentally create a knot in your thread, be patient and gently work to untangle it. Use a needle or pin to carefully separate the strands and loosen the knot.

Replacing broken threads

If your thread breaks during the bracelet-making process, don’t panic. Carefully untie any knots and remove the broken thread. Attach a new strand of thread by tying a secure knot at the last bead and continue weaving as usual.

Exploring Other Disney Princess Bracelets

If you enjoyed making a Snow White-inspired bracelet, why stop there? Explore other Disney princess themes and create a collection of bracelets showcasing your favorite characters. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Cinderella Edition

Create a bracelet inspired by Cinderella’s iconic colors – blue and silver. Add delicate glass beads or charms that represent her glass slipper and fairy tale magic.

Belle Edition

Design a bracelet that captures Belle’s elegance and love for books. Use gold and yellow beads and incorporate charms shaped like roses, books, or teapots.

Ariel Edition

Inspired by Ariel’s underwater adventures, use shades of green, blue, and purple in your bracelet. Add playful charms shaped like seashells, starfish, and mermaid tails for a whimsical touch.


Congratulations on creating your Snow White-inspired bracelet! By following these steps and incorporating your own personal touches, you’ve crafted a unique piece of jewelry that reflects your love for Disney princesses. Happy crafting!